Charters & Rates

Offshore Charter

Our trip takes us to the outside waters of Clayoquot sound to target large migratory salmon, halibut and lingcod. We typically stay within 10 nautical miles (18.5km) of the coast and more often within 4 nautical miles of shore. The outside of clayquot sound is rich in life and provides a highly productive fishery for all target species. We are at the mercy of the great pacific on the outside so be sure to take your seasickness medication!

Target Species

In-shore Charter

The inside of clayoquot sound is almost always flat calm and provides breathtaking views – ideal for folks who are looking for a more relaxing excursion on the water. This trip provides an opportunity to go prawning, crabbing and/or trolling for salmon. Early in the year we will be targeting smaller resident chinook salmon. After August 1st chinook salmon is closed on the inside waters but fortunately it’s just in time for coho salmon to show up on the inside!

Target Species

Crab Cruise

We have extremely productive crabbing grounds just a short burn from the dock. We will drop 2 large crab traps then anchor up to set and pull smaller “ring traps” by hand every 5-10 minutes. This is an interactive way to catch crabs and more often than not everyone’s going home with their limit. Great for young kids because just about every pull has some life in the trap to keep them entertained. I’ve also got a BBQ on the boat if you’re interested in cooking some crab fresh from the sea.

Target Species

A Bit of This, A Bit of That.

The possibilities are endless, maybe you’d like to get some sweet drone footage of sea otters or go for a dip in the warm(ish) waters of lemons inlet. If my insurance says I can do it let’s give it a go. I’m happy to work with your needs and desires to create a memorable day on the pacific with Obee Fishing.

Target Species

Obee Fishing Rates

1-4 Person Fishing Charter:

  • 5-6hr $170/hr
  • Full Day (10hr) $160/hr

Additional People:

  • Per Person $20/hr

Crab Cruise

  • 3 Hours (up to 6 People) $600

    Limited availability